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Goldwork Supplies

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goldwork scissors
click to enlarge These small scissors are specially designed for cutting gold threads.
The lower blade is serrated helping to hold the thread onto the blade while cutting
Price: $

click to enlarge For winding you gold threads onto and also allows you to work straight off the reel which will sit flat on your working surface - a must for the gold-work enthusiast!!
Normally worked as a pair - each thread coming off its own Koma.
Price: $

Metallic thread
click to enlarge Fine metallic thread form couching or stitching with.
Available in 3 shades: - Gold , Pale Gold or Silver
Price: $

Papiliion Metallic thread
click to enlarge These beautiful threads come in 5 colourways, they are the most stable of all metallic threads to stitch with.
Buy single or boxed set ( 5 for the price of 4 )
Price: $

Silk Couching Threads
click to enlarge Gold threads are normally couched with a fine silk thread,you can also use Jap No. 1 for couching gold.
I am offering the 2 shades that I mostly work from, and the thread I feel is the best quality
Shade 79 is an old gold colour, Col 78 is brighter gold

Price: $